NVXL is at the forefront of compute acceleration with a revolutionary platform that enables on-demand application acceleration leveraging industry-leading accelerator hardware.

We deliver:
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    Technology built from the ground up that provides accelerated and scaled compute performance with industry-leading density and performance/ power/ cost.
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    Running on standard hardware, handles low-level implementation details so developers and data scientists can be more productive.
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    Platform scales to thousands of FPGA, GPU, and ASIC compute acceleration devices.
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    Platform consolidates app silos while significantly reducing TCO.

Our Mission
Our mission is to drive astonishing scale, ease-of-use, and efficiency in application acceleration for the digital enterprise.

NVXL Value Proposition
NVXL has developed a revolutionary platform that enables disaggregated, heterogeneous compute acceleration with unprecedented scalability.

Video Demo
NVXL video introducing polymorphic acceleration.
*NVXL’s videos are designed to educate and entertain viewers.

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