NVXL Platform Value Proposition
Massively parallel, cloud-scale, software-defined compute acceleration platform.
NVXL Market Solutions
  • Deep Learning
    NVXL, with its massively scalable, software-defined acceleration platform, is shattering the boundaries to enable the next generation of deep learning applications.
  • Machine Learning
    Machine Learning uses compute-intensive algorithms and advanced statistical techniques to enable software applications and computing systems to “learn” with data, and to achieve the prediction of outcomes with a high level of accuracy without being explicitly programmed.
  • Transcoding
    The NVXL acceleration platform integrates seamlessly with transcoding frameworks such as FFMPEG and implements a model and pipeline parallel architecture using dynamically provisioned instances created from a pool of acceleration devices.
NVXL Product & Solutions
NVXL is leading the way, providing innovative acceleration platform solutions designed to accelerate and scale compute performance and efficiency to new levels while providing a new paradigm in TCO.
  • Universal Acceleration Server
  • FlexAccel™
  • Resources

NVXL has very unique technologies that could be a game changer for cloud computing platforms. They have drawn significant interests from major tech companies and cloud service providers.

Dr. Jianxiong Xiao

Founder & CEO of AutoX

Intel FPGAs provide unprecedented flexibility to accelerate the ever-growing number of innovative algorithms driving deep learning, artificial intelligence and many other compute acceleration tasks. NVXL is helping to bring that flexibility to the Data Center and to the Cloud.

John Sakamoto

GM, PSG Data Center & Communications Division, Intel

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Platform scales to thousands of FPGA, GPU and ASIC compute acceleration devices while significantly reducing TCO.
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